After months of tireless development and revisions, my associates, Peter Vuong and Marko Zhen, and I proudly present the brand new SATEC website, proudly powered by the WordPress platform! By the way, this isn’t a template.

Stephen’s Background Story and Reflection

The original request for a website redesign was brought up by Mr. Sutcliffe in spring 2010. After Marko developed the initial concepts, I refined his designs during my spare time over the summer. Although the original plan was to have the new site up by early September, we encountered several unforeseen obstacles:

  • Since WordPress 3.0 was in beta testing until mid-June, a lot of the coding was put on hold until a stable release was available. Why not just use WordPress 2.9? WordPress 3.0 was only a few weeks away and a lot of the new features in 3.0 required hacks to accomplish in 2.9.
  • Let’s face it, the old site pales in comparison to this site. It was built using static HTML, except for the PHP forms. As a result, the original server could not support the WordPress platform in all its glory. We had to wait a few weeks for the school’s web host to upgrade their servers to support all of WordPress’s dependencies.
  • Because this is a school website, we have to get the designs approved, or at least not disapproved, by all the school administrators and teachers before proceeding with every design change.

My personal goal for this website was to have it launched before the grade 8 information night so that all the prospective parents can see how advanced our school’s technology was in comparison to other schools: this website was built using the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 and optimized using standard industry techniques such as CSS sprites and server caching.

It’s a shame that the web industry evolve so fast that this website will become completely outdated in just a few years. Who knows, maybe I’ll be contacted for the next redesign?

Additional Contributer List

Peter Vuong
Peter transferred the content from the old website to this new website.
Marko Zhen
Marko developed the original concepts.
Mr. Sutcliffe
Mr. Sutcliffe handled all the communications between me, the school, and the web host. He’s essentially the spokesperson that speaks for the school’s needs for the website.
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