We have done our best to honour the course requests that were made by students this past February but due to the provincial government cuts to education, it has impacted our school negatively.  We have fewer teaching staff, courses had to be cancelled and classes were redistributed to meet target funding by the ministry of education.  As a result, many students’ timetables contain courses that were not part of their original selection.  We anticipate that there will be many guidance appointments to rectify this situation so longer than normal wait times should be expected.  As well, a satisfactory resolution to timetable issues may not be possible.

Our guidance staff will be addressing timetable issues between September 3rd and September 12th in this order of priority. Listen to the announcements for your opportunity to see a guidance counsellor.

  1. Students with Incomplete Timetables (fewer than 4 courses for grades 9-11)
    1. Grade 9’s and returning grade 13’s (victory lap) with zero courses on their timetable
    2. Grade 10’s
    3. Grade 11’s
  1. Grade 12 students
    1. who have 4 courses and want to drop one course (NO switches at this point)
    2. who have incomplete timetable (fewer than 3 courses)
  1. Students who have courses on their timetables for which they do not have the prerequisite
    1. Grade 12’s
    2. Grade 11’s
    3. Grade 10’s
  2. Students who want to switch one course for another. The procedure for requesting a timetable change involving switching one course for another is as follows:
  • Students must complete the form entitled SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. Application for a Change to Timetable September Start-Up – 2019/2020.
    • This form is salmon coloured.
    • It will be available for pick-up in ROOM 100 (across from the guidance office) once the guidance counsellors have addressed the above timetable issues.
    • The form must be signed by a parent/guardian for anyone under 18 years of age
  • Deposit the completed form in the box located in the guidance office.
    • The deadline to deposit your form is 4 pm, Wednesday September 11th  (revised)
    • Guidance counsellors will complete the review process by 3 pm on September 13th at which point students will know whether their requests can be granted.
  • At the end of each day, guidance counsellors will post the outcome of the requests that were reviewed that day. These results will be posted on the bulletin board outside room 100 sorted by student number.
  • We are unable to accommodate the following requests:
    • Filling spares for grade 12 students – night school is available
    • Moving courses from one semester to another
    • Moving courses from one period to another
    • Switching one section of a course for another based on specific teacher requests

Please note: How quickly guidance counsellors are able to proceed through this priority list will depend upon many factors. We will do our best to address your concerns.


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