Last spring our principal, Ms. Kulendran visited every homeroom class to speak about the issue of selecting courses for the 2017-2018 academic year. Her message to students was twofold:

  1. How important it is for students to choose wisely when selecting their course requests in myBlueprint™ during the course selection cycle that occurs every February, and
  2. That any revisions to the courses students selected in February had to be made by the end of June 2017 for the 2017-2018 year.

It appears that many students heard the principal’s message clearly as guidance counsellors report meeting with an increased number of students requesting revisions to their original course selections in the months of April, May and June 2017. With timetable changes complete, we anticipate fewer disruptions to instructional time and a smoother start to the school year for our students and staff.

We recognize that there may be some students who have extenuating circumstances that will necessitate a possible revision to their timetables at this point in time. We will review these requests on a case by case basis taking into consideration the particular needs of the student as well as the needs of the school.

Students who feel that they have extenuating circumstances that warrant a timetable revision will be required to complete the form SATEC @ W.A. Porter Application for a Change to Timetable. This form (on pink paper) will be available in the guidance office for students to pick up as of September 5th. Students must complete it fully and drop it in the ballot-style box in the guidance office no later than Tuesday September 12th. Guidance counsellors will review these requests and all decisions about timetable revisions will be finalized by September 15th. While guidance counsellors review these requests, students are expected to follow the timetable they were given during registration and attend all classes listed on it. Students will be notified in their homeroom classes whether their timetable change requests have been granted. Click on the link below for a sample of the application.

Copy of Request to Change Timetable


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