2016/17 News Update

2016 team : FlashPoing
Shounak Datta – Design Engineer
David Dumlao – Manufacturing Engineer
Michael Chellappah – Graphic Designer
Kashif Nabi – Marketing, Team Lead

F1 Teams make the Toronto Start again!



F1 in Schools Ltd is a not-for-profit company established with committed partners to provide an exciting yet challenging educational experience through the magnetic appeal of Formula One.  F1 in Schools is rapidly realising its potential of becoming the only truly global educational programme that raises awareness of Formula One among students and school children in every region, in every country, on every continent.  Spanning age ranges of 9 to19 its main objective is to help change perceptions of engineering, science and technology by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, Formula One, science, marketing and technology.

34 countries….   12 million students….  1 experience of a lifetime !

Past Teams

Eeshmam Munir – Team Leader
Melody Leung – Graphic Designer

Team Mixtura
Revant Kumar – Manufacturer
Owen Chen – Manufacturer
Genooshan Indirathas – Design Engineer
Nevedan Vijayakumar – Graphic Designer
Ajanthan Hariharan – Design Engineer – Team Leader

2014 World Team Name: Phronesis Group

Menojh – Team Manager
Debrish – Resource Manager
Tevin – Lead Designer
Saqeb – Graphic Designer
Tausif – Communications Administrator
Matthew – Manufacturing Engineer

Last Modified: October 4, 2016