SATEC and the TDSB are committed “to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become responsible members of a democratic society.” (TDSB Mission Statement, 1997). This responsibility extends to our students with exceptionalities, those who have additional social-emotional, physical, developmental, or learning requirements.

The SATEC & the TDSB, through its Special Education Department, is committed to active and meaningful collaboration with students, parent(s)/ guardian(s)/ caregiver(s)/ family, schools, and agencies to ensure that the learning needs of all students with exceptionalities are met in the most equitable and inclusionary environment possible.

Through credit-earning Learning Strategies courses (GLE) and Resource classes, students develop their literacy and numeracy skills, identify their individual learning styles and strengths and develop strategies for their specific learning needs. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on developing solid work habits, time management and organizational and study skills.

In addition, students have access to the Resource Room as well as the Language Lab, a tool to aid students in developing their literacy and organizational skills. With this support, special needs students are often able to significantly increase their academic achievements.

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Offered Courses in Special Education

Course CodeCourse DescriptionCourse Profile
GLE1O9Grade 9 Learning Strategies (Open)PDF
GLE2O9Grade 10 Learning Strategies (Open)PDF
GLE3O9Grade 11 Learning Strategies (Open)PDF
GLE4O9Grade 12 Learning Strategies (Open)PDF

Last Modified: October 1, 2012