Course Selection for 2018-2019

Important documents needed for the course selection process for next year;

  1. The SATEC Course Selection Sheet: lists the courses offered at SATEC.
  2. The SATEC Supplement to Choices: describes specialized programs offered at SATEC.
  3. The Secondary Choices Placemat

To help you make the right choices please follow these guidelines:

  1. Choose wisely: take into account your marks (are you ready for the next level in a course?).
  2. Read carefully with your parents the description of all courses that can be found here.  Are these the ones you are interested in? Are they offered at SATEC?
  3. Make sure you have the necessary prerequisites.
  4. Next year’s Grade 11 & 12 students should pay special attention and read with their parents the SATEC Supplement to find out about SATEC’s specialized programs (CISCO, SHSM-Environment, SHSM-Information & Communication Technology) that will qualify students for the Red Seal on their High School Diploma.
  5. Grade 9 – 11 Home Form & Coop Students/Parents: Complete your course selection using the website, print, sign and return the Course Selection Sign-Off Page from the My Blueprint website.


Please consult the Guidance Department if you need assistance.

Students’ selections at this time affect SATEC teacher staffing and the number of courses for next year.  Please choose your course requests carefully.                                                                            

Course Change Request After myBlueprint Deadline
  • March 4 to March 8 – you can request an adjustment to your course selection choices for 2018-19
  • March 18 to end of May – No course selection adjustments can be made in this period
  • End of May to end of JUNE – you can request a change to your timetable (accommodations made if available & reasonable)

Important Files and Links

Last Modified: February 4, 2019