SATEC has never won this competition.  Third has been our personal best, until now.

On Friday May 2nd Mishael Nuh and William Gao represented SATEC in Cisco’s CCENT Netriders Skills Competition.  This competition involves over 1000 students from 28 states and 4 provinces.  Over 85% of the competitors are in college or university.

I would like to congratulate Mishael Nuh who finished in 1st place!  Spending three hours and completing over 120 questions against college and university students is a lot to ask from a grade 11.  Mishael enjoyed the challenge, but I am sure he will enjoy his cash prize a little more.

William Gao was competing against Mishael and came up a little short.  Finishing in 17th place, what a great result.  William also got a perfect score on the Junior Waterloo Computing Contest, so it was nice that he let Mishael win something.

On Thursday May 3rd Jaser Uddin and Munaz Rahman competed in the CCNA Netriders Skills Competition. This competition had more students enter than the CCENT.  There was over 1000 students from over 30 states and provinces.  This competition had more university and college students and was extremely challenging for our SATEC students.

Congratulations to all of the students who entered this competition back in April.  Unfortunately we can only have two students move on to the final round per competition.

Good work and good luck next year!

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