New Course Selection Process

February marks the date in which our students in grades 9-11 begin the process of choosing next year’s course offerings.  This year we will be taking the course selection process online! We have already been using (the Activation Key is: satecwap) in assisting students to research occupations and post-secondary education/training pathways and as a planning tool for students to see what secondary school courses they need as prerequisites for their post-secondary education/training. This year students will use the My Blue Print Tool to choose and submit their course selections online.  This course selection process will give parents the opportunity to sit with their children and choose appropriate courses taking into consideration the child’s post-secondary aspirations as well as his/her academic achievements to date.  For students who do not have Internet connected computers at home, there will be computers available at school to complete the course selection process. Regardless of whether the selection process takes place at home or at school, all online course selections will require parental/guardian approval for students under the age of 18.


Preparation for the selection of next year’s courses begins after February 7th and includes an assembly, class visits and a Course Fair scheduled for February 15th.  The Course Fair provides students with the opportunity to meet teachers who are currently teaching the courses they are considering for next year, to obtain information about the courses and to obtain answers to their questions.  Students are encouraged to give serious consideration to the courses they pick for the 2012-2013 academic year, as there is little opportunity to change them at a later date once they are chosen. The deadline for submitting next year’s course selections through the online process is February 21st.

SATEC Student Services Department

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