All of us were a little queasy when we arrived at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus to compete in the LIVE Competition. Our Accounting teacher Mrs. Pink-Grant had pleaded with us to take on the challenge but the idea of competing against twenty-three other teams coming from schools all over Toronto, including future Ivy-League students was intimidating at first. We quickly realized that all the delegates where top students in their high schools selected by their teachers. We were greeted with some eager and some anxious glances from our competitors; each team comprised of four members. SATEC had the opportunity to send two teams. Our group consisted of Raisa Hossain, Sadman Khan, Srushti Nadkarni, and myself, Fatema Tasfia.


After all the introductory formalities, all teams were seated in their designated spots and given names; we were Team Venus. We were anxious and eager about what the day ahead held of us. The competition consisted of four rounds where each team was challenged in every step to prove their business knowledge. The whole event was a simulation of a real life work experience. Each of the four rounds challenged us to another height. In round one, we were assigned to write a four page business report to prove our analytic and writing skills. In round two, we presented to a University of Toronto professor and alumni, where they were playing the role of creditors and we were playing the role of businesspersons asking for a loan. After which in round three, our marketing knowledge was put to test. In the last round, the assignment required collaboration with another team.


Although we were kept on edge by the time limits for each round and were up quiet early on a Saturday morning, as a team and friends we enjoyed ourselves very much. Despite the intense pressure, my team and I enjoyed every moment of the day. Our team chemistry was great and it was obvious because of the many giggles and random outbursts while finishing every task with maximal effort in time. At the end of the day, we were tired and exhausted yet anxious for the results. Imagine our surprise when our name was called for THIRD place! Venus seemed to be smiling down upon us that Saturday as we made our way across the big white floor, as the crowd behind us clapped.

Written by: Srushti Nadkarni and Fatema Tasfia





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