All Grade 9 students currently taking math at the enriched, academic, or applied level will be writing the EQAO math exam in January 2013.

Booklet 1 will be written on January 14, 2013 during period 1

Booklet 2 will be written on January 15, 2013 during period 2

Students writing the test will be informed of the location of the test by their math teacher.

The following items are permitted/required for the test:

  • scientific calculator
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • protractor

As per TDSB policy, the results of the EQAO exam will be used to calculate a student’s final grade in the course. 10% of a student’s final mark in grade 9 math (enriched/academic/applied) will be determined by the results of the EQAO exam.

Practice exams and solutions are available by visiting the website:



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