Science Courses Offered at SATEC

November 2017 – Pig Dissection


“Inspiring” “Amazing” “Very Cool” visit to the teaching and research labs at St. Michael’s Hospital

September 17, 2015.

St. Mike's Field Trip

SATEC students hard at work in Science.


Science Department


Sabrina Aziz (Curriculum Leader; Biology, Science)
Mr. D. Cuff (Physics, Science)
Ms. J. Daya (Chemistry, Science)
Ms. N. Farmakovski (Biology, Science)
Mr. R. Kingsley (Chemistry, Science)
Ms. P. Kulasingam (Science)
Mr. G. Lemon (Biology, Science)
Mr. C. Rhoden (Chemistry, Physics, Science)
Dr. E. Shaver (Physics, Science)
Ms. D. Sturges (Science)
Mr. A. Triatafillou (Science)
Mr. C. Yeung (Science)

Program Overview:

The science program at SATEC @ W.A. Porter is designed to meet the needs of our highly motivated student population. Our overall goal is to promote scientific literacy (defined in The Ontario Curriculum, Revised 2008 as the “possession of the scientific knowledge, skills, and habits of mind required to thrive in the science-based world of the twenty-first century”), to help students understand the practical applications of science, to develop critical thinking skills, and to inspire our students to pursue science as a post-secondary option. Throughout the program, students are held to high standards and are encouraged to develop their potential.

The science program is complemented with class excursions to learning facilities such as the Ontario Science Centre, the Toronto Zoo, and the Royal Ontario Museum. In addition, students benefit from unique opportunities offered through the TDSB STEM initiative, since we are a STEM-focused school. This year, for example, students were invited to tour and participate in activities at the St. Michael’s hospital research labs.

We also facilitate and encourage students to enter academic contests such as the University of Toronto Biology Competition, The University of Waterloo Sir Isaac Newton Exam,  and the University of Waterloo Avogadro Exam.

Courses Offered:

Grade 9 Science (Enriched, Academic, Applied)
Grade 10 Science (Enriched, Academic, Applied)
Grade 11 Biology (University Preparation, College Preparation)
Grade 11 Chemistry (University Preparation)
Grade 11 Physics (University Preparation)
Grade 11 Environmental Science (University/College)
Grade 12 Biology (University Preparation)
Grade 12 Chemistry (University Preparation, College Preparation)
Grade 12 Physics (University Preparation, College Preparation)


Science Grade 9

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Profile SHSM Course
SNC1P1Applied SciencePDF
SNC1D1Academic SciencePDF
SNC1D3Academic Science (Enriched)PDF

Science Grade 10

Course CodeCourse NameCourse ProfileSHSM Course
SNC2P1Applied SciencePDF
SNC2D1Academic SciencePDF
SNC2D3Academic Science (Enriched)PDF

Science Grade 11

Course CodeCourse NameCourse ProfileSHSM Course
SBI3C1Biology (College)PDF
SBI3U1Biology (University/College)PDF
SCH3U1Chemistry (University/College) PDFYes
SPH3U1Physics (University/College)PDFYes

Science Grade 12

Course CodeCourse NameCourse ProfileSHSM Course
SPH4U1Physics (University/College)PDfYes
SBI4U1Biology (University/College)PDF
SCH4U1Chemistry (University/College)PDFYes

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