Why is English the only course everyone has to take all the way through high school? 

English teaches you communications skills to help you get by, no matter what path you follow in life.  It makes you aware of what it is like to live in the information age and provides you with the tools to make sense of that information.  In English, you read literature and study mass media that make you question what it means to be human.  You learn about these so that your own experiences will be more meaningful to you.

Are there any English courses available beyond the required ones?

Yes there are! If you struggle with reading and writing, or have had trouble passing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test, we have courses you should consider taking. ELS helps you develop essential literacy skills. Although it is a grade ten course, we expect students from grades 9 and 11 to find it useful as well. The OLC course is a course which provides you with an alternative way to receive your literacy certification instead of doing the literacy test, if you have been unsuccessful.

English Courses Offered at SATEC

Course CodeCourse NameCourse ProfileSHSM Course
ENG1D1Grade 9 English (Academic)PDF
ENG1P1Grade 9 English (Applied)PDF
ENG1L1Grade 9 English (Locally Developed)PDF
ENG2D1Grade 10 English (Academic)PDF
ESLAO8Grade 9 English as a Second Language, Level 1 (Open)PDF
ESL2O1Grade 10 English Literacy SkillsPDF
ENG2P1Grade 10 (Applied)PDF
ENG2L1Grade 10 (Locally Developed)PDF
ESLBO8Grade 10 English as a Second Language, Level 2 (Open)PDF
ENG3U1Grade 11 English (University)PDF
ENG3C1Grade 11 English (College)PDF
ESLCO8Grade 11 English as a Second Language, Level 3 (Open)PDF
ENG4U1Grade 12 English (University)PDF
ENG4C1Grade 12 English (College)PDF
ESLDO8Grade 12 English as a Second Language, Level 4 (Open)PDF
ESLEO8Grade 12 English as a Second Language, Level 5 (Open)PDF
ETS4U1Grade 12 Studies in Literature (University)PDF
EWC4U1Grade 12 Writer's CraftPDF
OLC4O1Grade 12 Ontario Secondary Literacy Course (Open)

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Last Modified: September 22, 2015