Students learn in a fully networked environment in which computer and digital technology are integrated into the curriculum. Whether they choose to pursue a career in an environmental, technological or computer related field or wish to excel in a more traditional profession, students acquire skills at SATEC that are essential for success in today’s world. Our courses across all disciplines investigate current environmental issues using experiential learning, investigation and research. SATEC’s senior program includes certification in CISCO Networking and A+ Hardware & Software.

Specialist High Skills Major

The Ministry of Education has granted SATEC the authority to offer students the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program in either SHSM: Environment and SHSM: Information & Computer Technology (Networking). The SHSM program prepares students for a multitude of careers on all four pathways (university, college, apprenticeship & workplace) and also allows them to find their passion– a key to success. The SHSM program contains a set of prescribed courses, opportunities for job shadowing and allows them to earn sector recognized certifications and training. Graduating SHSM students will receive a red seal on their high school diploma.

Enriched Math & Science

Beginning in Grade 9, SATEC offers enriched curriculum in math & science that embeds hands on learning relevant to today’s practices in industry with dedicated computer labs & scientific equipment. The comprehensive math & science curriculum gives students the tools for success to define their future.


SATEC is a high tech computer academy with diverse program options in communication & design technology, robotics, Computer-Assisted Drawing/3D printing, digital music, digital art, videography, CISCO Networking & A+ Hardware & Software certification. We offer a diverse curriculum to allow students to excel and pursue their interests.

Last Modified: September 17, 2015