Grade 8 Parent-Information Night  November 7, 2019

Find out about SATEC @ WA Porter CI, and the exciting experiences and opportunities SATEC offers for students, the Specialized Program and the admission process for both in-area and out-of-area students who live in the TDSB catchment boundary.

OPEN HOUSE: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Visit the school and the various departments. Speak with staff and attend one of the presentations in the auditorium

AUDITORIUM PRESENTATIONS: There are two presentations, one at 6:00 PM and one at 7:00 PM. You are invited to attend one presentation as they are identical presentations. Important Note: Tickets will be distributed for each presentation. Tickets for the 6:00 PM presentation will be available for distribution at 5:30 PM. Sorry, but due to demand and space limitations, only one ticket will be given to each person (i.e, we are unable to give you a ticket for someone who is joining you later). Once all the tickets for the 6:00 PM presentation have been distributed, guests will be given a ticket for the 7:00 PM presentation. As well, we are unable to accommodate latecomers for the 6:00 PM presentation and the saving of seats will not be permitted. 

Parents and prospective students are invited to tour the building and meet with teaching and guidance staff while waiting for, or following one of the presentations.

For those of you unable to attend the presentation at SATEC on November 7th, please click on this link for the presentation:

SATEC Grade 8 Info Night Presentation

Regular Program Application Process (In-Area Only)

In-area students may apply for the Specialized Program or attend the regular SATEC program.  If you wish to apply for the Specialized Program, please read the Specialized Program Application Process. Visit your Grade 8 Guidance Counsellor to complete a Course Selection Form.

Specialized Program Application Process

All Out-of-Area students wishing to attend SATEC must apply for the Specialized Program. In-Area students may apply for the Specialized Program or attend the regular program indicated above.  Students accepted into SATEC’s specialized program are responsible for their own transportation costs to and from the school.

Important Dates and Due Dates

November 7, 2019

– Attend the open house from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
– Attend one of the information presentations in the auditorium at 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM (See important note above)
– Visit our school website for information and to read the Frequently Asked Questions section about the admissions process

November 8, 2019

– At 9:00 AM, the link to the online registration process will be activated for grade 8 students who intend to write the entrance test for application to SATEC’s specialized program. 

By November 25, 2019

– The deadline to notify your intent to apply to SATEC and register for the Entrance Test is 3:00 PM on this day. Applicants must complete the online application form found in the Admissions page of the school website.

– If you have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or an English as a Second Language (ESL) consideration, submit supporting documentation to SATEC by November 25, 2019. This must be done by 3:00 PM to ensure arrangements for accommodations are made.

December 6, 2019

Entrance Test will take place from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
– To be eligible to write the exam, you must have already registered for the entrance test by completing the online application form by November 25, 2019.

The following items/documents are required to write the Entrance Test and must be brought to the school on the day of the entrance test:

a. All students applying to the specialized program, whether in-area or out-of-area must submit the completed (and signed) Optional Attendance Application Form (this form is also available from Grade 8 Guidance Counsellors and from the TDSB website)

b. Grade 7 June Report

c. Leadership & Extra-Curricular Involvement Summary Chart (printed and completed)

d. Photo Identification

e. $10 administration fee (cash only, exact change) to cover printing and assessment costs. If there is difficulty paying this fee, please see a SATEC administrator prior to the testing day.

f. Pencil, eraser, pen, and scientific calculator (non-programmable, non-graphing)

By February 14, 2020 

– Parents, guardians and will be mailed a Conditional Offer of Acceptance or non-acceptance. Elementary schools will be notified of students who have been given conditional offers of acceptance.

By February 28, 2020*

Parents/guardians must confirm the conditional offer of acceptance by:

  • Calling the Guidance Department at (416) 396-3365 ext. 20040 or by emailing to accept the offer.  (It is extremely important to confirm you are accepting SATEC’s conditional offer of acceptance by this date as we are not permitted to hold any spaces beyond February 28, 2020.)


  • Submitting a completed course selection sheet (included in the conditional acceptance package) to your elementary school guidance counsellor

*Note: Final acceptance is conditional upon successful completion of Grade 8

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I apply to SATEC @ W.A. Porter’s Specialized Program?

SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I.’s Specialized Program requires

  • An on-line request to write the Entrance Test (Must be done by 3:00 PM, November 25, 2019)
  • Final Grade 7 Report Card
  • Leadership & Extra-Curricular Involvement Summary Chart (printed and completed)
  • Optional Attendance Form
  • A $10.00 Entrance Test administration fee.

Deadlines and process are found at the top of this web page.

2. Where can I get more information on the Specialized SATEC Program?

Attend the November 7, 2019 Open House at SATEC. Listen to the presentation and speak with staff.

3. Why are the Grade 7 June Report Cards submitted?

The Grade 7 science, math and English marks are taken into consideration as part of the application process. Learning skills are also considered.

4. How do I find out if I’m an In-Area or Out-of-Area to SATEC student?

You need to visit your Grade 8 Guidance Counsellor, or go to the TDSB Street Guide Web Page, type in your street name (for example, if you live at 40 Fairfax Crescent, type in Fairfax only).  Your Secondary Home School will be displayed.

5. Where can I find information about TDSB Optional Attendance?

You need to visit your Grade 8 Guidance Counsellor, or visit the TDSB Optional Attendance Web Page.

6. If I live outside Toronto, can I apply to SATEC?

Only students living within the boundaries of the Toronto District School Board may apply to SATEC’s Specialized Program.

7. How many vacancies are available for Out-of-Area students?

The number of vacancies fluctuates from year-to-year. It is based on the school capacity, subtracting the projected enrollment of returning students and the projected enrollment of In-Area students entering grade 9. This limits the number of Out-of-Area students accepted to SATEC’s Specialized program. Typically in the past, the number of Out-of-Area students accepted into SATEC is about 150.

8. If I am an Out-of-Area student and do not want to register in SATEC’s Specialized Program can I still attend SATEC?

Unfortunately, Out-of-Area students can only attend SATEC’s Specialized Program. Out-of-Area students cannot register for the regular program.

9. How does SATEC @ WA Porter CI select Specialized Program Students?

SATEC Specialized Program students are selected based upon ranking as determined by the Registration Package, and the written Entrance Test. The students at the top of the ranking list are selected.

10. If I miss the written test, can I make it up at another time?

Unfortunately, if the written Entrance Test is missed for any reason, there is no other opportunity to write the test at another time.

11. My child wants to apply to SATEC’s specialized program and to a second specialized program at another school but both entrance tests are scheduled at the same time.  Can my child write the SATEC entrance test at another time?

There is only one opportunity for student applicants to write the entrance test. Unfortunately, there are too many issues with accommodating for this situation as it affects the integrity of the test and it makes it difficult to support students who have an individual education plan. In both schools, the test is held on the PA day in December. This is a day in which both schools are cleared of their own students and it allows for the staff in those schools to supervise their entrance tests. For these reasons the test date and time cannot be changed and student applicants must decide between the two specialized programs.

12. If I have an IEP, can I receive accommodations for the Entrance Test?

If you have an IEP, you can receive accommodations for the Entrance Test that are consistent with the IEP. In order to allow for proper accommodations to be made, IEPs must be received by SATEC by 3:00 PM on November 25, 2019.

13. Will I receive accommodations for the Entrance Test if I am an ESL student?

If you have been in Canada less than 5 years, you are eligible to receive accommodations. 

14. What documentation should I bring to verify that I am eligible for ESL accommodations for the Entrance Test?

A copy of an Immigration related document, a school record or a letter from the elementary school verifying that you have been in Canada less than 5 years are all acceptable. This must be received by the school by 3:00 PM on November 25, 2019 to be implemented. 

15. If I am an In-Area student and am not accepted to SATEC’s  Specialized Program, do I still attend SATEC?

If you are an In-Area student who applied for SATEC’s Specialized Program, and are not accepted, you still attend SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I.’s regular collegiate program.

16. If I am an Out-of-Area student and am not accepted to SATEC’s Specialized Program, can I still attend SATEC?

Unfortunately, Out-of-Area students can only attend SATEC’s Specialized Program. If you are not accepted to the Specialized Program, you cannot attend SATEC.

17. If I attend SATEC @ WA Porter CI, can I still get into fields of employment other than Technology or the Environment?

SATEC offers courses which can lead to many different fields of employment such as medicine, business the arts or environmental design just to name a few. The SATEC program builds problem solving and critical thinking skills essential to almost any field of employment. Computer skills are incorporated in all curricular areas to better prepare students in today’s integrated technological world.

18. If I am not in grade 9 can I attend SATEC?

Yes, if you are In-Area you are eligible for the regular collegiate program at SATEC

19. If I live out-of-area and I am accepted into the specialized program, am I eligible for busing or TTC tickets?

No. All transportation costs to and from SATEC @ W.A. Porter are your responsibility once you choose to attend a school outside your TDSB geographical boundary.

20. How many applications can I make under the TDSB Optional Attendance Policy?

TDSB Optional Attendance Policy allows a maximum of four (4) applications per student – two for Regular Schools/Programs and two for Specialized Schools/Programs

21. What are some of the types of questions from past Entrance Tests?

The following are  a couple of sample questions from past entrance tests:


Click here.

Science & Technology:

Click here.

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