E-Learning Day School in TDSB

TDSB e-Learning is offering 24 online courses in grades 11 and 12 in each semester in the 2018-19 school year.

Students in grades 11 or 12 may be eligible to replace one of their day school courses with an e-Learning course.

Determining Eligibility

A student may be eligible to register for an e-Learning day school course if:

  • the desired course was not already chosen by the student during the course selection cycle in February (on myBlueprint);
  • the desired e-Learning course is one that is not offered, or cannot be scheduled by SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. in the regular day school program

A student who has an e-Learning course on their timetable would be expected to complete their online work assignments in the period where the e-Learning course is listed as well as attend their regular day school courses at SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I.

NOTE: Students are limited to ONE e-learning course per semester.

Important Dates Regarding Registration for e-Learning Day School

Registration for eLearning Day School Semester 1 will start on May 1, 2018.  Registration for Semester 2 courses will start on August 27, 2018

Information on how to register for a day school e-Learning course can be found at:


The list of courses for the upcoming school year 2018-19, can be found at:

Reminder: When the student applies to take an e-Learning day school course via the online registration process, the student is NOT yet enrolled.  In order to complete the enrollment process, the student MUST receive approval by the day school guidance counsellor.


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