Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements for secondary school students consist of a minimum of 30 credits. Students who successfully complete Grade 9 will receive eight credits: one compulsory credit in each of English, Math, Science, French, Geography, Phys. Ed, Arts, Business or Tech. During the remaining period of study, ten more compulsory subjects must be completed. For further information re compulsory credits, graduation requirements, course selection, university and college application procedures, educational and career information and all post secondary programs, please consult the Guidance pages of the SATEC website. Note: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that her/his program selections meet OSSD requirements.

“Choices” Magazine Reference Guide for Secondary School Course Selection

“Choices” is a course selection and planning guide for students and parents, published by the Toronto District School Board. It should be your first stop as a reference guide when making decisions on choosing which courses to take in High School. “Choices” contains important information on graduation requirements, program information, course code explanations, and course information. Reviewing the information given in “Choices” would allow readers to make more informed decisions about choosing courses for High School.

You may also ask a Guidance Counsellor for more information on a particular course. Please note that SATEC does not offer all the courses described in “Choices”.

Where can I obtain it?

Copies of Choices are available in the Guidance Office. You may also view “Choices” on the Toronto District School Board website. Click on the link below.

Option Sheets

The Course Selection Sheets can be found under the Forms Section of this website.

Last Modified: August 26, 2010