The Guidance Department at SATEC is staffed by counsellors, and an administrative assistant. In addition we have access to the services of a social worker and a psychologist, appointed by the School Board.

Our mandate is to encourage the success of our students through close contact with staff, students, parents and community agencies. Counsellors are available to discuss personal, educational and career concerns with students and parents. Students may consult a counsellor regarding diploma requirements, course selections, career information, career destination, financial assistance for post-secondary school information.

Guidance guarantees total confidentiality to all students on all matters. Exceptions to this policy are the disclosure of abuse or a situation where a student poses a risk to someone else or to themselves. In these instances, counsellors must contact the appropriate agencies and/or mental health practitioners.

Students are encouraged to participate in workshops about Post Secondary destinations or visit the guidance office to review any of the available materials regarding careers, post-secondary institutions, apprenticeships, scholarships, summer and part-time job information, volunteer opportunities and community programs.

Making a Guidance Appointment

  • Students are assigned to counselors according to last names.
  • Check for your assigned counselor, and enter your name in the appropriate spot on the daily appointment schedule.
  • Indicate in your AGENDA the date and time of the appointment and the name of the counselor.
  • The guidance secretary will validate the appointment by placing a Student stamp beside the appointment time.
  • At the end of the appointment, the guidance Counselor will initial and record the time in your planner to confirm the completion of the meeting.
  • Parents are also invited to contact counselors by telephone to arrange interviews. Parents who wish to see a counselor are asked to call the Guidance Department Secretary (416) 396-3365 Ext.20040 for an appointment.

Post-Secondary Information Program

Every year in the fall, there are post-secondary information programs and workshops on applying to post-secondary institutions. This program is delivered by counsellors as well as university and college representatives.

Please check the College and University Information pages on the SATEC Website.

Community Involvement Hours

Students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement as part of the requirements for graduation.

Community involvement manuals and tracking sheets are available in the Guidance office or click on the link below. Students are advised to see their Guidance Counsellor for advice on appropriate volunteer opportunities. Students should return the signed forms to the Main Office when they have completed their 40 hours.

Guidance Courses

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Profile
GLS1O1Grade 9 Learning Strategies (Open)PDF
GLS4O1Grade 12 Learning Strategies (Open)PDF
Last Modified: October 9, 2018