Will be held on February 8th – 10th, all types of acts are welcome!

Multicultural Show Schedule

 Dates Events
Thursday December 3, 2015 Information Meeting
January 11-14 (Monday to Thursday) Sign Up Days
February 8-10 (Monday to Wednesday) Auditions
Thursday February 11, 2015 ·         Results Are Posted

·         Information Meeting

Tuesday February 16, 2015 Group 1 Rehearsal- Twice
Wednesday February 17, 2015 Group 2 Rehearsal- Twice
Wednesday February 24, 2015 Rehearsal
Wednesday March 2, 2015 Rehearsal
Wednesday March 9, 2015 Rehearsal
Tuesday March 22, 2015 Rehearsal
Wednesday March 23, 2015 Dress Rehearsal
Thursday Match 24, 2015 The Multicultural Show 2016
What you have to Bring to the Audition  
Bring ·         Your “A” game

·         Music on a CD that works and is labelled

Be Dressed in the outfit that you will be wearing for the Show
Performance Type  
 Dances Solo Dances- no more than 3 minutes

Group Dances- no more than 5 minutes

Songs No more than 5 min
Instrumentals No more than 3 min
Skits No more than 15 min, broken into scenes
Variety No more than 5 minutes
MC List of requirements will be provided

Remember! Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 3:15 to 6:00 p.m. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!! Failure to show up to rehearsals may result in your act being cut.


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