Course Selection for 2017-2018 –

Thank you for completing next year’s course selection choices in myBlueprint™ this past February. We are in the process of setting up and staffing courses based on your selections.

Timetable Changes –

We anticipate that some of you may wish to make minor adjustments to your selection given that you have you have experienced more of this semester’s courses. This is the time to make any revisions to the courses you selected in myBlueprint™.  Changes to your course selection should be made prior to June 28, 2017

September will be an extremely busy time of the school year. In order to get classes up and running without delay we must limit the kinds of changes that can be made to student timetables at the start of the school year. Once September arrives, any requests for timetable changes must be assessed against the following criteria.

The student:

  • does not have the prerequisite for a course on the current timetable
  • does not have the prerequisites for the desired post-secondary program
  • requires a course level change from academic to applied, or university to college
  • completed a previously failed course in summer school, necessitating a grade level change in that course, or conversely, did not successfully complete a failed course in summer school, possibly requiring the course to be completed in the day school program
  • has an incomplete timetable as a result of a cancelled course or course conflicts

The following timetable requests cannot be accommodated by our guidance staff:

  • requests to have courses moved from one period to another period in the day
  • requests to a have courses moved (based on individual preference) to a different semester
  • requests to have a particular teacher for a course
  • requests to drop specific courses in favour of others, because you believe they are not needed for your post-secondary program. Please remember that all courses you take at SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. count towards the completion of your OSSD (you need 30 credits to graduate). If your post-secondary program prerequisites are included in your original course selection you may not be able to receive your requested timetable change.

Summer School Courses –

  • In-class summer school registration begins Monday May 1 and closes at noon on Thursday June 29th. The TDSB has released the courses and class locations for its 2017 summer program. Information about summer school courses can be found at

Remedial Courses

  • Students who require a remedial summer school course due to a course failure in day school should register online for summer school after May 1. Print the registration form and have a parent/guardian sign it and submit it to your guidance counsellor.

Full Credit Courses / E-Learning –

  • Students wishing to register for a full credit summer school course should first consult with their guidance counsellor before registering to pick-up the SATEC permission letter that must be submitted with the summer school registration form. We only recommend enrolling in summer school and e-learning courses that do not impact your 2017-18 timetable and is not integral to your post-secondary program prerequisites.

Note to Grade 11s who are considering completing Grade 12 English in summer school –

  • If you register to complete your grade 12 English in a summer program, your ENG4U/4C will be removed from your 2017/2018 timetable. If you do not complete your English credit, pass it, or receive a satisfactory mark over the summer, you may not be able to re-schedule this course into your day school timetable as classes will be at capacity. This will necessitate students attaining their grade 12 English credit via non-day school options such as night school or e-learning in whichever semester contains the spare resulting from the removal of the original English course.
  • Registration for Semester 1 Night School opens towards the end of the first week of school and closes at the end of September with classes beginning in early October.
  • Registration for Semester 2 Night School is not available until January 2018 and classes begin in February 2018.


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