All our grade 10 students are introduced to Reptiles, a much maligned species sharing the Earth. As they are usually neither cuten or cuddly, we give them characteristics that are considered to be “BAD”. To overcome these falsehoods the environmental club invited Reptilia to do a talk on the importance of endangered species specifically Reptiles. As part of our Earth month celebrations we would like to encourage our students to become more familiar with reptiles and their importance to the food webs on Earth.

Rainforest cafe

As one of our more successful endeavours, the Rain forest cafe, introduces our staff and students to a unique blend of foodstuffs available in the jungle. The students of the Environmental club participate in preparing and serving the food of the Rain forest, to the school. All proceeds go to adopting an animal at the Toronto Zoo. At the present time we are deciding on the animals we would like to adopt.

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