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Student Video Gallery

Student Arts Gallery

Arts Courses Offered at SATEC

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Profile
NAC1O1Grade 9 Expressions of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit CulturesPDF
ALC1O1Grade 9 Integrated ArtsPDF
AVI2O1Grade 10 Tradigital ArtsPDF
ADA2O1Grade 10 Dramatic Arts (Open)PDF
AMM2O1Grade 10 Music and Computers (Open)PDF
AMV2O1Grade 10 Vocal Music (Open)PDF
ASM2O1Grade 10 Media Arts (Open)PDF
AVI3M1Grade 11 Tradigital Arts (University/College)PDF
AMV3M1Grade 11 Vocal Music (University/College)PDF
AMM3M1Grade 11 Music and Computers (University/College)PDF
ADA3M1Grade 11 Dramatic Arts (University/College)PDF
ASM3M1Grade 11 Media Arts (University/College)PDF
AWQ3M1Grade 11 Digital Photography (University/College)PDF
AVI4M1Grade 12 Tradigital Arts (University/College)PDF
AMM4M1Grade 12 Music and Computers (University/College)PDF
ADA4M1Grade 12 Dramatic Arts (University/College)PDF
AMV4M1Grade 12 Vocal Music (University/College)PDF
ASM4M1Grade 12 Media ArtsPDF
AWQ4M1Grade 12 Digital PhotographyPDF



Last Modified: May 21, 2018